Chronic Illness Recovery Sessions

When did working with a Psychologist become a critical part of our daily routine?


Turning your back on Psychology doesn't make it go away. It only means that you're not likely to benefit from it and may even suffer as a result.


If you have a chronic condition or are involved in any type of recovery, you know that you need support and self-management. The better the support, the more successful the recovery. So, if you are struggling with your RECOVERY PROCESS and would like additional support, we're always here to talk. 



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Numerous articles by various authors
Numerous articles by various authors
Numerous articles by various authors

Numerous articles by various authors




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As Licensed Psychologists & Coaches, we provide a full set of services that can be customized for your needs: Counseling and Hypnotherapy for those with emotional, physical and interpersonal concerns, Life Coaching and Executive Leadership Coaching for personal and professional development, and Management Consultations and Anton's Employee Assistance Program for organizations. / privacy / refund policy / terms & conditions

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