Relationship Dynamics

Family Dynamics


So how does a responsible person make their most personal relationships work successfully? The key word here is "responsible." Honestly, I have met individuals who just never thought that they had to think and act responsibly in their relationships, if they weren't getting paid. This just isn't that unusual. 


I've actually been told by one man that because he worked hard all day at the office that once he arrived at home he should be able to just relax and let his hair down. He didn't see that he should have to put forth any effort at all to ensure that he had a successful relationship at home.


I think it was the same person who said "if you have to work that hard, maybe this just isn't the right person for me."


Making an effort to be responsible does not have to mean showing another how unreasonable they are behaving. It likely doesn't mean escalating the situation either. Being responsible in family relations can be challenging and might suggest allowing others to find solutions to their own issues. We can talk about these and other concerns you have. Making a professional connection with a Psychologist can remind us of our personal values, our strengths, plus provide us with a perspective that proffers real development opportunities. 


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