Engineering Leadership

It might be somewhat disconcerting to admit that despite how capable and successful you have been up till the present moment, that you now find yourself embroiled in conflict. You are definitely not feeling corporate support. It’s almost bizarre, but you feel their pressure as if you have somehow slipped out of favor and are no longer seen as the high performer you’ve always been. Believing in continued personal and professional development, you connect with your Psychologist.


Work seems to be going well, however, stress and tense relations at home are causing you to withdraw. Truthfully, intimacy has waned. You don’t feel acknowledged, or understood. What you have to say seems to get glossed over without due consideration. In general terms, you’re feeling unhappy and dissatisfied. You find yourself considering options you don’t really want for yourself or your family. Engage a 3-month coaching program for yourself, or secure 2 – 3 individual sessions before you decide.

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