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In the end – you decide on your timeline – you will realize that a greater focus, with a more consistent commitment to the implementation of your strengths, was the essential ingredient that you needed all along. You will have developed a clarity of a broader number of strengths you already have, playing and leveraging them with more frequency. This approach took effort and practice, but you are now more aware, effective, and respected by your team.

Qualified, experienced, but new to leadership. You have specific questions. You know you need to learn the in’s and out’s of your new role – influencing others, creating a sense of team, and honing the personal characteristics that will make you into a productive leader. But how, specifically will you do that?

“How will I empower others and maintain healthy boundaries?” “How can I be empathic and assertive?” “How will I make good decisions while having team members see me as their leader?” The value you seek lives in a creative approach with your Psychologist of choice.


As a key player in healthcare leadership, you’re not satisfied with just anyone. You feel the support of someone familiar with “cognitive” and “emotional” health issues is a great idea. But you also want well-validated and reliable psychological assessments that have been specifically purposed to highlight your personal and professional strengths. Results should provide you with the focus that will make others notice.

Stay accountable to yourself.

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