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High Performance

Do Everything You Can

Do everything you can in order to get in the way of good luck and good fortune. Day to day endeavors deeply engage three aspects of life: thoughts, emotions, and behaviors/roles. Without being taught, you likely have an in-the-bones understanding of yourself, and know that there is more to you than mental processes and the roles you perform. You implicitly know that there is a more inclusive dimension to you, referred to as your core or “self.” Your self is the nucleus, the core, or who you are.

Man is born broken. He lives by mending.” – Charles Strozier

You also know that the state of your self – your sense of well-being – is subject to fluctuations. Sometimes you feel alive and full of zest. At other times you may feel anxious or depressed. All of us experience some fluctuations. What brings about this fluctuation in the self? The answer has to do with how responsive we feel others have been to us and how responsive we feel they presently are. – Heinz Kohut

Meditation Breaks

I learned to not push myself at work for too long before taking a meditation break. My realization was that pushing myself for too long created stress, which ultimately inhibited higher levels of performance. I found myself easily getting on “a roll” by inserting frequent “micro-meditations” throughout my work day. In essence, I pushed myself just the right amount, & meditated before I got too stressed. Meditation brought calm, focus, & creativity.

High Performance requisite # 1

Get into the optimal emotional state. There is no better way to bring out your best, than by being in your preferred emotional state.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” 

Thomas Jefferson

Flow Zone

Utilize meditation, mindfulness, visualization, self-discipline, and positive mental sets to your advantage. Spend some of your valuable energy to get past all the negative mental chatter that shows up without any effort. Get calm, focused, and become aware of life’s opportunities.

HIGH-Performance Coaching

Great performance isn’t hard to understand. Successfully stretch beyond your current limits, utilizing your strengths. First, you’ll have to know a little about those limits and your strengths. Utilize Psychologically based coaching to get to know yours and enhance your performance. You’ll learn, change, and evolve with a specific connection to your desired area of interest. Sign me up. This is for me.

Have the Right Heroes

“The people you look up to, are going to form your vision of the world – how you want to be in later life. Invest as much in yourself as you can. You’ve got all sorts of potential. You are your own biggest asset, by far. Most people go through life using a very, very small part of their potential. Anything you can do that invests in yourself is the best investment you can make. And then follow your passion.” – Warren Buffett

Maintain Your High-Performance State

Once you’ve experienced your own stellar performance, the process can proceed. Now you can actively “recall” that experience emotionally. Remember what it feels like, what thoughts ran through your mind, how you acted. The objective is to maintain that cognitive and emotional state while performing another task.

As with all our coaching protocols, you will complete an online assessment that highlights your strengths. Plus, you will receive 6 sessions with myself – in-person or virtual, your choice. Each session will assist you in integrating your newly understood strengths into your day-to-day decisions and activities. We’ll repeat this process three times with 3 unique strengths-focused assessments. Each one will assist you in familiarizing yourself, preparing, and pushing right by any current limitations.

Create your own personal “power move” by aligning your newly identified strengths from each assessment into a new signature move. Aim your efforts toward the quality of the future that you really desire.

Your Signature Power Move

Your signature power move increases your interpersonal potency, trust, and credibility, important for a significant impact on your likability or popularity. The application of your power move ought to bring your goals or vision closer into focus. Ultimately you might feel happier thereby similarly effecting your clients or those on your team or in your family. Essentially, power moves capitalize on relationships and potentially give way to spiritual experience and self-actualization.

Power Moves

Power moves are related to charismatic states in that they may draw others in your community closer. Your challenge, is to learn your signature power move, practice and implement it consistently.

What is your “Power Move?

  • Signature Strengths?
  • Leadership Potential?
  • Competitive Edge?
  • Communication Skills?
  • Irresistible Vision?
  • Keen focus even in high-pressure situations?

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