Mental Plan

Fundamental Mental Map

Having a “game plan” – a short-term goal for each specific game and a long-term vision for a season is essential to winning in sports and in life. Our ability to transform our mind from a focus on a loss, crisis, or disaster to an exceptional moment; plus getting the highest quality of support translates into a winning mind. When it comes to capitalizing on our potential, the things that we say to ourselves (our quietest thoughts) make all the difference in the world.


Types of Communication

Communication is a set of skills that we employ with ourselves before others hear what we have to say. Psychologists call it “self-talk.” But whether we actually talk to ourselves or are merely thinking about ourselves, the result is the same. We too often dwell upon the negative in a situation, which brings us down even more. How can we get ourselves positively focused again? It’s a habit to be practiced for sure.

We all have interpersonal communication skills, but we refine them to varying degrees. For example, when someone is talking, is it really rude to interrupt them? Well, I would say that engaging with another actually means that we have to be involved in the conversation. However, too often we tend to interrupt when others are speaking merely to express our own points, share our interests, or bring out our own points.

If we allow a rant or a monologue to form, that might suggest that we are passively engaged or not engaged at all. Engaging another by mirroring their comments for clarification and understanding is not the same thing as interrupting to change the focus of the conversation or for our own motivations.



Confidence is not something that we can learn and memorize like a set of rules and procedures. It is a state of mind and a set of skills we need. Indeed, it can be cultivated. Here are a few fundamentals for enhancing our self-confidence. Positive thinking, visual imagery, practicing successful routines, training with new ones, and eliminating poor ones. Start a habit of reading, becoming more knowledgeable, and talking about your feelings with other people. These are all useful ways to help improve or boost our confidence levels.

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being and self-worth, acceptance of our bodies and minds (our thoughts and emotions create our self-esteem), and beliefs in our abilities, skills, and experience. Confidence is an attribute that most of us would like to possess. Feeling it is not the same as faking it.

Life experiences provide us with a series of opportunities to learn, change, grow, and ultimately shape our evolution. Reflect, meditate, and develop a mindful position with all our relationships. This is essential for us to move, shape ourselves, and evolve.


You’ll have questions about these skills. We are ready to discuss them with you. One of our specialties is confidence coaching, but you can secure two or three individual sessions for yourself first.

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