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My Personal Thoughts

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I experience confidence myself most of the time. Over a period of years, I have implemented and now regularly practice many things that contribute to this state. So, I feel pumped most of the time isn’t really surprising. That’s not to say that I never experience any other emotions. I feel a degree of nervousness, stress, or even a touch of dread on occasion. I can’t forget the dread. Initially, the only way out of this was through “pep talks.” To reorganize and prioritize my personal thoughts.

Before I even got out of bed in the morning, dread for the impending day was there, waiting for me. My eyes, still shut tight, I had to remind myself that in the past, these types of feelings in the morning were contrasted by wonderful feelings in the evening. Even though that’s how things started, most of the day was actually very good. Once I talked myself through or past these negative feelings and engaged in my daily activities, those negative emotions were transformed into pure energy and excitement. By evening reflection, I reported to myself a super day. One secret of a high performer is strong positive self-talk, coupled with action.

I Found a Way that Involved My Personal Thoughts

Although those days woke me with fear, apprehension, and dread, I found a way to define them more optimistically. Altering my own definition seemed to make all the difference. Automatically, the mere thought of engaging in my own life brought fear and discomfort – at one time – but disengaging wasn’t the answer, for fear and discomfort stayed with me regardless.

I take advantage of a meditation-like process to ground myself emotionally. I remove myself from my office. While in a very quiet space, I close my eyes, discontinue thinking, and refocus on how my body is feeling in the moment. I continue to be in the moment, being aware of my body without judgment or thinking of any kind. Within moments, my arousal levels decrease and I’m left feeling calm and confident.

Evolving into leadership

More recently, I’ve been reminded that one more way to ensure that we feel confident is to expand our focus onto others, their situations, and aspirations. Concern ourselves with bolstering another. Assist them to redefine feelings of stress and anxiety themselves. Refocusing from real negative emotions onto potentially great feelings of self-confidence. When we endeavor to build this type of bridge, to take this sort of leadership approach,” we are reminding ourselves of our own capabilities. Try it for yourself.

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