Provisional Psychologists

Ever stopped going to see a Psychologist?

Listening is Only the Beginning

“As we heal ourselves, we find new strength and new wisdom that we utilize to assist others. This is a transformative journey, from self-healing to learning how others heal.” – Richard W. Anton

I worked for a great many years, in Calgary’s Mental Health field, before becoming a provisional psychologist. My practice started in 2003. Now, several office locations – primarily based in downtown Calgary – allows easy access for clients and a network of other professionals.

Important beliefs and values I hold as a Psychologist include self-confidence and creativity. Optimism, a love of aesthetics, continuous improvement, plus hope and a sense of purpose guide my therapeutic practice. Of central importance is the concept of “dialogue.” Combined, all these values function as the underlying “Psychological Space” for a fresh new robust approach to therapy. I provide a unique, strengths-focused therapeutic service aimed at providing a high degree of client value.

At Anton Counseling & Health Psychology, we believe in “the flowing together of multiple voices.” We strive to organize ourselves and then demonstrate the collaborative power of connectivity – mutual inclusivity and collaborating together. Our work is to provide others with an opportunity to see, understand, and then make a difference in their own lives. In the spirit of leading by example, we need to connect and collaborate with our colleagues and our community.

Our noble cause is nothing less than a gift, a privilege, and a creative work of art. Therapy is not a time for a tirade or to vent. It is an opportunity to engage in a healthy, therapeutic dialogue with a professional.

Your Professional Reputation Depends on it


The tone that we set through our communication should create an engaged and supportive feeling for both our clients and each other. Together, our voice is strong. All therapists are still learning and we still error on occasion.

Novice therapists’ may make their most frequent errors while maintaining a professional relationship. This happens at the expense of not assisting their clients in making a change. Regardless of the nature of the mistake, we see it as a learning opportunity. We all benefit from feeling the support, encouragement, and inspirational motivation – to settle in and – to become our best.

I want to extend an invitation to partner with other independent clinicians personally. Together, we can demonstrate a healthy example for clients. We simply strive for continuous learning, change, and improvement and to deliver the highest level of service possible.



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