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Transformational Coaching


Coaching Beneath the Surface

Transformational Coaching is changing who you are to change what you do. It deals with a person’s inner being – values, core beliefs, identity, destiny – and helps bring about deep, lasting, significant change. Clients often enter this process when they are in major life transitions [pain] and have become aware of their need to reinvent themselves. This type of Coaching is highly intuitive and draws heavily on life-stage, personality type, life purpose, and other developmental tools.

Emotional Intelligence

Ask, “how do I feel?” Create an entirely new life with minor refinement. Today’s “happy and healthy” must develop emotional intelligence if they want to connect with others and create a highly engaged life experience.

FYI – I regularly engage in my own ongoing transformational journey. I do this for myself; however, you should know that it would be tough to assist you to transform yourself if I wasn’t comfortable with the process myself.

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