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Explore and Discover

Often enough, our focus and, therefore, the life experience which emanates from it leaves us feeling cold, isolated, uninspired, and depressed. We ought not to be surprised that we think poorly if our focus is poor, and the treatment should not be any more of a surprise.

In these types of situations, we need to begin to think and behave in ways that in themselves lead us to feel better, inspired, grateful, and merciful. We do not need to change who we are at our core. However, expanding our strengths, talents, abilities, and their application will most definitely enhance not only the quality of our own lives but the numerous lives we touch day by day.

One way in which we can expand, as I’ve mentioned, is through a formal psychological development process of getting better acquainted with ourselves via a strength-focused assessment and therapeutic discussion.

Explore and Discover Yourself

Rather than ask about the “emerging future” and what it wants to bring into existence, I thought I might consider “What is important, meaningful, and valuable to me?” So, I ask you to consider the same question for yourself. “What is important, meaningful, and valuable to you?”

Explore & Discover Yourself Exercise: I imagined asking my ten-year-old nephew to think about and answer this question. “If you knew you were going somewhere really cool tomorrow, what would you like to bring along?” Once answered, consider, why is my answer important, meaningful, and valuable to me?

Then ask yourself, “why is that answer important, meaningful, and valuable to me?” You can entertain each subsequent answer and ask yourself again, “why is this new response valuable or meaningful to me?” Ask as many times as you’d like. The further you can follow this thread, the better. Your final answer will indeed be valuable to you. From now on, with this knowledge, you will make only the best decisions. You will not get swept away or distracted by anything superfluous.

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