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Qualified, experienced, and yet you’re new to Professional Services leadership. You know you need to broaden your scope, plus consistently prepare for new aspects of your leadership role. You’re going to have to influence others, delegate, and create a sense of team for people. In order to function as a productive leader, you also need to be a single point of contact for your team. You have numerous concerns and unanswered questions.

How do I empower people without being demanding and maintain healthy boundaries?

Daniel Goleman defined “emotional competence” as a “learned capability based on emotional intelligence which results in an outstanding performance at work.”

Accountants Professional Journey

Insightful application of psychological assessments will guide your professional journey. Assessment results will highlight the natural strengths that you’ll be able to deliberately utilize in your leadership efforts, as you craft greater proficiency with your soft skills. Empower people, and your efforts will pay dividends. You know that consistency of practice will get you there.

“What about delivering feedback? I’ve always avoided conflict.”

Again, consider your current leadership style and what is already working for you. Preparing yourself to deliver feedback is always valuable. Pay attention to your natural tendencies of avoidance. Balance your tendency with the application of one or two of your stronger soft skills. Apply the ones that seem to already be effective in similar types of situations.

The value you seek lives in a more holistic and creative approach, working with a Psychologist. Confidential counseling with a Psychologist or an in-depth coaching program will assist you in answering your questions and providing you what you need to practice with consistency.

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