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“As we heal ourselves, we find new strength and wisdom to utilize in assisting others. Our process is a transformative journey, from self-healing to learning how others heal.” Richard W. Anton, MA, BA, Dip Ed

Richard Anton

MA, BA, Dip Ed Psychologist

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A provisional psychologist’s primary purpose is to be patient, empathic, supportive, and encouraging, to enrich their clients’ lives by pointing the way to mental health. Our job is to support our clients in transforming their unhappy emotional experiences into happy ones or to at least nudge them in the right direction. We cannot afford to be indifferent and objective.

The Art of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy isn’t simply an objective therapy to be applied to patients. It is an art where we engage who we are as people and professionals – in a professional setting – with people who will resonate with us as psychologically healthy role models. We’ve studied and practiced the art of helping, facilitative skills, intentional interviewing.” We’ve read about theoretical orientations. Now we must combine and develop proficiency with them artistically or creatively. Your clients will know whether you have authentically done your own work, or if you’re only book smart.

Caution: Therapy is more than listening to people vent to you. We can have a profound impact by building credibility (Sue & Zane, 1987) with people by supporting healthy thoughts and behaviors while gently challenging dysfunctional ones. Co-create (Heinz Kohut) meaningful therapeutic experiences with your clients. In the end, experiences with our own emotions and clients culminate, and our proficiency grows.

Feelings and Meaning Give Sessions Depth

“A great provisional psychologist develops deep professional wisdom concerning creating positive emotions through supervision, reflection, and contemplation. As your supervisor, we’ll focus on heightening your professional competence and confidence in growing your therapeutic approach.

Before opening Anton Counseling & Health Psychology, I functioned as a counselor for many years, learning behavioral approaches. As a university student, I embraced both existential and client-centered approaches. I emersed myself in pain management for several years during my time as a provisional psychologist. And in 2003, my practice began with training and a particular interest in leadership coaching.

In the beginning, numerous clients expressed disappointment with previous psychologists who did little more than paraphrase back to them. Their disappointment told me that they were expecting something more. I looked for patterns in initiating therapy, concluding, and following up once their sessions were complete. Now I focus primarily on our communication during the therapeutic relationship and understanding how clients benefit most from their sessions.

I have been supervising since 2012 and learning everything I could about bringing successful, engaging therapeutic sessions to my clients. I have had several office locations – primarily based in downtown Calgary – allowing clients and other professionals easy access.

Our Organizational Ideal

Essential Beliefs and Values: I value self-confidence and creativity. I believe in the healing nature of optimismexcellence, and self-improvementhope and a sense of purpose are pathways to client happiness. They guide my therapeutic practice.

The concept of open communication and cooperative “dialogue is of central importance to therapy and supervision.”

Combining these beliefs and values, they function as the underlying “Psychological Space” for a new, robust therapy approach. They allow me to provide a unique, strengths-focused therapeutic service with high client value. Clients must grow and evolve. Psychologists must support, encourage, liberate potential, and encourage a robust and healthy identity for their clients.

Provisional Psychologists’ Reputation Depends on it.

The tone of a provisional psychologist’s communication and the look and feel of our relationships should reflect and create a patient, compassionate, interested, engaged, and empathetically supportive feeling for our clients and significant others. Together, our voice is strong. Together, we thrive.

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology strives to allow you to develop your professional process and express yourself. Our profession already provides us with a missionvaluesethics, and purpose. It’s now up to you to accept and appreciate clients, plus establish and maintain firm professional boundaries.

I want to personally extend an invitation to partner with you and other independent clinicians. Together, we can demonstrate a healthy example for clients. Partnering is just one more opportunity for you as we strive to create a family feeling together. A family of continuous learning, personal growth, and professional improvement to deliver the highest level of service possible. All of this reflects our ideal here at Anton Counseling & Health Psychology. Please join us.

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