Close your eyes, relax, and prepare yourself for hypnotherapy. Focus on your breathing, in and out, without judgment of any kind. When we’re on edge, we’re not at our best. There are many different ways to change or access a preferred psychological state. One where we’re more likely to feel and perform at our best. Allow your natural focus to return.

Continue to focus on your breathing and how your body feels. Once you’re feeling adequately calm, relaxed, and absorbed in this process, you’ll want to go even deeper. To do this, think of something that you consider just absolutely awesome – the mystery of life; a newborn baby, art, an object of worship, whatever elicits a sense of awe.

Remaining deeply relaxed and absorbed, take your time, get that reference and let it totally touch your mind and heart. Feel it fully. Now, with this awesome feeling alive within your imagination, you instantly realize that this is also precisely how you feel about yourself. Stay with this new realization for as long as possible.

Do this exercise daily, for as long as it takes, until the feeling comes quickly, naturally, and remains. I sincerely hope you like this example.



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