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Do I know of another Psychologist who does what I do? I know other psychologists, but over the years with evolving experience, we tend to specialize in certain areas. Those that are most interesting to each of us. So although I began my career, much like everyone else, my experience speaks for itself. I began my career many years ago now on the psychiatric ward of the Foothills hospital. I worked with young adults with behavioral problems and on the adult ward with princesses and rock stars – delusional all.

A year or so later, I left the Foothills and worked exclusively with young adults for several years. Before graduating into pain management, I assisted the parents of those same troubled teens I supported for a couple more years. This is when things really got interesting for me. With roughly two years of pain management experience on my resume, I opened my own practice in downtown Calgary.


Today my practice sees private clients only. I supervise a team of provisional psychologists, plus I maintain numerous office locations, which I share with a select group of other psychologists. I have developed a strong interest in leadership, high-performance, and emotional intelligence coaching. The coaching experience is sometimes hard on the ego, but you can count on me to get you through with flying colors.

Searching for Psychological Savvy?

Psychologists provide you with understanding, encouragement, and confidentiality. Perhaps you expect more? Insight on the dynamics of leadership, influence, and making things happen. Pull out your most potent skills, your finest ideals, and address conflict, communication, and team style. Maintain your best performance during times of change and unusual stress.


Psychological appointments are accessible. Virtual sessions and online coaching provide you with an added layer of privacy and confidentiality. If you’re interested in Leadership, High-Performance, or Emotional Intelligence coaching, you’ll need to purchase that particular coaching package. However, feel free to experiment with as many individual sessions as you like. Try one for yourself; they’re the responsible choice. Secure your zoom session here.

Experience the comfort and security of your own private office. Secure the Psychological support that will address your most personal needs and get you where you want to go, plus contemplate your thoughts and experiences with a professional ear listening in closely. And don’t be surprised if you also feel amazed at how much you’ve been missing out on, even on your very first session.

online coaching

Feel better

  • Enhance your mental focus.
  • Reduce your emotional discomfort.
  • Focus on and develop your strengths.

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology

Here is our Directory of Psychologists. Anton Counseling & Health Psychology was created in 2003.

Could you think of me as your Coach? “Do you feel amazing?” Bolster your presence, reduce your stress, and have better relationships. Your performance has always been exceptional, and you’ve felt special before. Experience that again.

Enhance your communication skills. One comprehensive way to enhance communication is to organize your underlying thoughts, beliefs, and expectations deeply. Make sure that you align your actions with your values and passions. Clearer, more influential communication may allow you to be more direct and be sensitive to the people you lead. Work on cultivating better relationships, feel accepted, appreciated, respected, and have greater confidence. Richard Anton is a senior counseling psychologist, an executive coach, & a public speaker.

Leadership & Performance Coach

online coaching
online coaching

Richard Anton is a licensed Psychologist. I’m also a trained Executive Coach with a keen interest in responsible leadership, high-performance, emotional intelligence, and anger management. Adept in cognitive therapies & behavioral therapy. “I take both a sport psychology and a humanistic approach.”

Recover or enhance your mental health. Share how you feel and focus on cognitive processing, cognitive restructuring, and skills acquisition. Once here, I’ll be welcome you with a professional approach to therapy that’s steeped in positive psychology. You’ll be able to feel better and raise your coping abilities immediately.


Learn & Practice New Skills

“My style involves building your confidence with skills. I like to help you to learn new psychological skills. Use them to improve your behavior, raise your outcomes, and reach your goals more quickly. You will feel better and more confident.

I utilize a strengths-based coaching approach. It includes the use of strengths-focused psychological tools. These tools will provide you with objective and practical feedback. Set yourself up to use your strengths to face personal or professional challenges.

Clinical Hypnosis

At times, I recommend clinical hypnosis as an option. Similarly, I may also recommend or suggest using imagery. Hypnosis often allows us to feel more focused or be less distractible. As in sports psychology, the utilization of imagery can aid performance and enhance confidence. “See yourself” doing your best in a range of settings. Keep your performance high while in stressful or challenging situations, and perform with confidence.”

Richard’s experience has led him to develop a leadership performance approach. Self-care and personal responsibility complete the foundation of the process. “I will accept, encourage, challenge, and inspire you.

Psychologists Directory

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