Emotional Intelligence

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Why consider Emotional Intelligence coaching?

“Even on an oil rig . . . demonstrating emotional intelligence (EQ) is a key leader trait because it builds trust — essential in conditions where bravado could get you killed . . . ” – Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Connecting with your team, but with people in general is a priority for you. You have a desire for people to respect, not fear you. To make this happen, you consult with your Psychologist to get assistance in developing a deeper appreciation of emotions.

Improve your ability to attend to your relationships at home. Have a happy relationship with your spouse, your family, and neighbors. When your default position is to go from happy to angry and back, you’ve recognized that you have a problem.

You’ve received fairly consistent feedback over the years urging you to be more flexible at work. So you’d like to enhance your mindset. Improve your performance and self-confidence at work — secure promotion to a new level of leadership.

If your boss has talked to you about “toning it down, because your blast radius is too large,” you are at risk of anger sabotaging your career. I have two psychologically validated assessments that will be of help. Read about all our coaching specialties.

enable your coaching

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