Facilitative Skills

As a provisional psychologist, you’ve read about and studied numerous “theoretical orientations” and likely have two or three favorites. You should also have had opportunities to learn about and practice “facilitative skills.” Although it covers many areas, supervision for a provisional psychologist tends to focus on becoming proficient in bringing theory and skills together.

According to Scott Miller and others in “The Cycle of Excellence,” we should practice those skills that lead to better outcomes. These skills are referred to as “facilitative skills” and include creating a working alliance with warmth, empathy, emotional expression, verbal fluency, hopefulness, persuasiveness, and a problem/solution focus.

Our Clients are Professionals

Each one of our clients is unique as an individual. They are employed in various industries, working at either a senior level, advisory level, management, moving into leadership for the first time, or as someone who sees themselves in a responsible role—IT professionals, government employees, medical professionals, self-employed, commercial real estate, finance, and banking.


Here’s what a few of our clients think about us

Here are a few other things people like about their sessions:

  1. “I like having the focus on talking about myself for a change.”
  2. “It feels good to be talking about a career change & how it impacts my physical & emotional health.”
  3. “I’m amazed at how much I was missing.”
  4. “These results really help to ground me.”
  5. “The psychological preparation approach can work.”
  6. “I liked the idea of using meditation to calm myself before I engage in scenario building.”
  7. “Thank you for suggesting that we take our time.”
  8. “It’s exciting to learn that self-regard or self-empathy is healthy.”
  9. “The importance of taking breaks didn’t even occur to me.”
  10. “I liked getting clarity on the zone.”

Professional Coaches

about-our-clientsAnton Leadership Psychology is a local boutique operation. We are a team of independent Psychologists. Our clinic provides you with a variety of conveniently located offices. We have several locations in the downtown core and another in Calgary’s Crowfoot NW.

about-our-clientsWe’ve been providing our present clients with Zoom sessions & Coaching by Phone throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with great success. 100% of ALL appointments are now virtual; however, we will open up a small number of in-person sessions when possible. For now, virtual sessions are the responsible choice, convenient and confidential.

anton counseling & health psychology          anton counseling & health psychology

We normally provide in-person sessions at all of our locations. Sanitisation and proper distancing procedures are in place for your safety and comfort. Wearing a mask is mandatory in reception and hallway areas, but NOT in our private offices.

About Psychologists

Anton Leadership Psychology’s primary daily focus is on supporting you, our most valuable client. You will benefit from our quality style, which encourages you to improve yourself in many ways. Your organization will benefit from your efforts, plus we are well-suited to bring emotional intelligence right into your home, hallways, and offices.

about-our-clientsI’ll be happy to talk with you in some detail about the specifics of your challenges and, together, customize a virtual experience for you and a small team. Consider taking a more deliberately responsible and psychologically aimed leadership approach with all your relationships. Alternatively, check out our “Performance Coaching.”


A great leader does not force herself on others. Her first step was to learn about others’ and her most effective skills, then practice them daily. Various forms of feedback informed her as to how successful she was being. Next, she explored her most important values, which were already unconsciously influencing all her decisions and important actions.


Refine your style and influence others through an elegant use of soft skills rather than attempting to force, manipulate, and control. People will come to admire you for your efforts. Leadership is about influence, responsibility, and this leads to collaboration. Together, we function like a family or a strong team. We collaborate, support, and challenge each other, and we will do the same for you. We learn, grow, improve, and evolve, as individuals, as a family, and as a team. Engage our professional coaching, of course, and make your first appointment with us, today.

Let Your Uniqueness Define You

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