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Find yourself in a challenging situation with your career? Clarifying your strategy with a leadership coach, someone who understands what you’re going through and has a unique perspective can be the required resource you need at this time. Together you will put a finer point on your strategy, feeling more confident and secure in the process. Ensure your future unfolds in your favor.

The impact is immediate when we take a leadership approach and start thinking like a leader. This model of thinking is broad in scope, therefore, begins to impact all of our decisions. From the smallest to the most significant. From whether or not we wear a tie, to how we interact in every meeting throughout the day, to our vision of the future.

Leadership assessments plus other Psychological assessments will assist you to fast track or to get ahead of schedule by discovering more about your uniqueness, about your own identity, aligning your decisions to values and integrating that knowledge into your own real-time situations.”
Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

Portrait of mature businesswoman, in reflection.

The Psychological Coaching Advantage

We seek to add value to you & your organization in ways that regular leadership training does not address. Courses and workshops are training mechanisms that can be valuable in terms of initial learning but often fall short in enabling leaders to reach their full potential. A psychological approach allows us to help you realize more value:

o Follow-up: Research shows that we forget most of what we learn in courses unless we return to the content repeatedly and practice, indeed developing new skills (as opposed to learning about them).

o Time: Courses are typically too short of entrenching new behaviors. It takes time and repetition to ensure that new habits “take.” Therefore, this program lasts (on average) 6 months to allow leaders to truly develop new skills. From a practical perspective, efforts also fit better into leaders’ schedules as they are regular, but not as time-intensive as a course.

o Individual psychology: Generic courses do not address an individual’s experiences and unique psychology. Through the combination of one-on-one orientation/educational sessions, individual confidential coaching sessions and optional group sessions, we help each leader (both individually and as part of a team) to capitalize on their unique strengths and the diverse ways they manifest new skills.

o Strengths-focused Leadership Assessment:

o Focus on Strengths (as opposed to problems only) first ensures we build on a strong foundation. Increasing self-awareness, esteem, and confidence ensure a much more constructive approach is taken when conflicts arise.

o A comprehensive Assessments Results Profile is used as an important tool in determining the focus for EQ (emotional intelligence) development in the individual coaching sessions. Integration of new strategies and skills into the leader’s day to day leadership, communication and interactions is key to success.

o Personal Accountability: Working with each member of a team separately on their own plan generates personal accountability to take action on specific issues and add further value.

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