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Coaching with a Psychologist can be even more confidential by securing a virtual” session.

Even though you may see yourself as a key resource in your organization, you may have a blind spot. We all have them. You need to know yours to take advantage of your capability for greater achievements. One of your blind-spots is making decisions based more on your beliefs than your team’s beliefs. Unfortunately, people aren’t turning to you for hard facts as they might.

Discuss, analyze, and resolve your challenges within a leadership framework.

Practical, Real-World Coaching.

Feeling Vulnerable?

An opportunity to try something different

“I fully appreciate what it’s like to feel emotionally vulnerable with another person. I’ve been there myself. So you won’t be surprised to experience a gentle and respectful approach.” If you’re looking for an emotional fix, consider working with someone with experience on both sides of the therapeutic process who can assist you to self-improve.

ZOOM with Richard W. Anton, MA, BA, Dip Ed

Executive Leadership Coach & Licensed Psychologist

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology established in 2003

Coaching Leaders since 2011

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You’re a very reasonable and rational individual. Sometimes practical advice is all you need. What skills to practice to improve your performance at work or home? Teamwork and collaboration are usually the first steps. But if you’re concerns are more emotional in nature, please start with these free psychological resources first.

You’re struggling with your most meaningful relationships. Family relations are strained. You believe you should be able to take some action that might positively impact your situation, but every effort seems to fall short. You want to make your family happy, and being able to pay the bills doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. What can you do?

Have we worked together before? We can work together again. You made it through a complicated and challenging situation; all we did was talk. Are you new? Consider a virtual session. Securing support is reasonable, but not everyone does it. Take action; consult a professional.

I can provide you with my best strengths-focused assessments. You supply the details, and I support you with creative questions, analogies, new skills assessments, and success stories. Together, we’ll focus on “the best” from your past and highlight current skills that you’re naturally strong in.

Then you begin to internalize these strong patterns. The bottom line is that we have worked well together in the past and can work well together again. Are you ready?

Don’t lose the value you’ve worked so hard to create

Due to a fluctuating economy – rising costs and income stagnation – job security has never been more valuable. This situation has made everyone nervous. People were already competitive, but in 2021, Anton Counseling & Health Psychology experienced a 400% increase in the number of managers and leaders coming for online coaching – emotional Intelligence, high-performance, and leadership coaching.

Leadership coaching became more popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t necessarily mean our service is exemplary, so check out our LinkedIn recommendations. If your career is a high priority to you, I recommend investing. Don’t get left behind. Invest in yourself; invest in your future.

Do you feel as good as you can? Are your leadership skills sharp? I, for one, believe that you should feel great and self-confident because your skills are sensational. If your leadership skills aren’t as good as your technical skills and you’re not feeling your best, you can refine your work. Learn to know when to use your favorite skills and for what reasons. Virtual coaching sessions will add a layer of confidentiality and convenience to your coaching sessions. Try something new – secure a six-session coaching protocol for yourself.

Edmonton Online Coaching                    Edmonton

Do you feel as though something is holding you back? Don’t allow your career to slip away. “Can I be more self-confident?” Use Richard Anton, our Leadership Coaching, High-Performance Coaching, or our Emotional Intelligence protocols to bridge yourself from where you are now to where you want to be! Book your first ZOOM session right here.

Edmonton Online Coaching

Imagine a super great tomorrow. Remember, individual coaching starts by supporting & encouraging you to learn, then hone new skills. Understand and practice your newly acquired strengths. You’ll experience a more significant impact. They will make the difference you’re hoping to share, reduce stress, increase self-confidence, enjoy better relationships, experience less conflict, and imagine a great future. Acquiring new skills won’t eliminate problems. They’ll make sure you handle them well.

Schedule your coaching online with us for professional development and coaching protocols, or experiment by first trying out 2-to three individual coaching sessions.

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