Edmonton Online Coaching

ZOOM with Richard W. Anton, MA, BA, Dip Ed

Executive Leadership Coach & Licensed Psychologist

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology established in 2003

Coaching Leaders since 2011

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You live in an awesome city. Just look at it; you can almost hear the birds chirping. 100% of all coaching sessions are now virtual. Do you feel amazing? We’ve been providing our new and present clients with online coaching: Zoom sessions and Coaching by Phone throughout the COVID pandemic with great success. For instance, virtual coaching sessions add a layer of confidentiality and convenience. Try something new; it’s the responsible choice—secure one for yourself. 🙂

Edmonton Online Coaching

Edmonton Online Coaching                    Edmonton

Do you feel as though something is holding you back? Don’t allow your career to slip away. “Can I be more self-confident?” Use Richard Anton, our Leadership Coaching, High-Performance Coaching, or our Emotional Intelligence protocols to bridge yourself from where you are now to where you want to be! Book your first ZOOM session right here.

Edmonton Online Coaching

Imagine a super fantastic tomorrow. Remember, individual coaching is about getting support & encouragement to hone new skills. Understand and practice your newly acquired strengths. They will make the difference you’re hoping to experience, reduced stress, increase self-confidence, enjoy better relationships, experience less conflict, and imagine an amazing future.

Schedule your coaching online with us for professional development, or anyone of our coaching protocols, of course—or experiment by trying out 2-3 individual coaching sessions first.

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