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You don’t need to explain why you want leadership coaching – but you’re not alone in wanting to acquire better-coping strategies for dealing with a complex work environment. Controlling your emotional reactions and anxieties will likely be an essential part of expanding your personal process. Want to feel in control again? Worry less? People-issues are just as important today as they’ve always been. So what’s changed? More of us are competing on this level.

When we cannot live in alignment with our true selves, we must spend energy attempting to deny and distort our experiences to make sense of a pervasive lack of happiness and personal fulfillment. This ongoing effort can go so far as to produce psychological states and conditions such as depression (Waterman et al., 2010).

This is why self-discovery is so important.

Our most important goal in life should not be to pursue externally derived ideals, like material wealth, but rather to develop a more realistic understanding of our strengths and limitations. By doing so, we can avoid negative psychological states and self-actualize, feel contentment, and make better contributions to the world.

I would never ask anyone to change who they were at their core. I will take the opportunity to encourage you to explore and discover deeply hidden treasures. But the prize is never found, just lying around. It has to be studied carefully, sought out, and recovered carefully as well. This process takes time and patience. The time and patience that most people do not have or are not ready and willing to invest – Richard W. Anton.

“Great men and women know themselves. They know their strengths, weaknesses, faults and failings, flaws and defects, talents and abilities, needs and desires, hopes and dreams, potential and purpose. They weave a life of beauty and splendor from these pieces of knowledge. “Know yourself” is a character principle of legends, heroes, champions, leaders, and saints.” – Matthew Kelly.

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Richard W. Anton, Psychologist, M.A., B.A., DipEd

#1 Motivator Causing People to Get Coaching

There are many reasons people are motivated at the moment, including fear of losing their job and a desire to hold onto their position by making themselves more successful at overcoming obstacles. Feelings associated with being in a very dark place are more common-place today than you may realize. Before you do something difficult or impossible to come back from, make a confidential virtual appointment for yourself. When you sense the organization is reshuffling, it might be prudent to feel concerned. When you’re relatively new in your role, it’s entirely reasonable to take action to expand both the depth and breadth of your skillset.

Solve issues or develop who you are; one way lasts a lifetime.

You’ll begin your coaching program by talking about and clarifying your dreams, goals, and vision. Next, we’ll formally assess your strengths using a highly valid and reliable assessment. Each one of your coaching sessions provides you with a structure or process customized to you and your specific set of strengths and weaknesses. Secure your first online session by clicking here.

During each of your appointments, we’ll talk about the critical issues relevant to your unique set of circumstances, which will assist you in enhancing your most relevant skillset. Ultimately, I believe that you already know – on some fundamental level – all about leadership, the answers to questions such as how to motivate others, what makes a leader influential, what executive presence is, and how you can get it. But together, we’ll ensure that you bolster the appropriate skillsets you utilize to make these happen.


Expect that through the process of leadership coaching, you will improve your leadership and, as a result, make better decisions and improve your impact. Every CEO prepares their organization to become – what they believe is – its best. You’ll have various opportunities to prepare yourself to become your best – the legend you are meant to be throughout your career. Let this time be one of those opportunities. I’m ready for you or your entire team.

Leadership research and theory have long emphasized the importance of so-called soft skills for leader effectiveness. Cherniss & Boyatzia

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Do you want to become a better employee or a person at your best? You already know the value professional development can have for you. It potentially helps you identify and close knowledge gaps in your role, but ask yourself what the value will be for your team, your family, and your organization if you develop yourself? Consider what may or may not happen, the costs related to non-action?

Consider the value for yourself and all concerned. What is it that you want – ultimately – for yourself? Reach out and access Richard Anton to develop who you are, develop your leadership talents. Hone your leadership and bolster your value to those you touch.

Discover your authentic leadership style with leadership psychology. Start implementing your best, improve your communication, build better relationships, likability, trust, and credibility. Enhance your team style, conflict style, approach to change, decision-making skills, and influence because these are the skillsets that make things happen. For that matter, you can make things happen in your personal life, too. Access Richard Anton.

“Quality of life is built by service, not by product. Quality of life improves from servicing what we have more than purchasing new. Service your life, regularly.” – Richard W. Anton.

Your Natural Talents

Richard Anton

Great leaders do not use techniques. Influential leaders never rely on intimidation, manipulation, or aggression. Leave those dust-gathering, outdated means alone. Anton Counseling & Leadership Psychology will share a program with you that will delve deep into this area, showing you your natural talents. Talents that make sense. Skills you can count on.

Soft skills are leadership skills, but you have to implement them well. Anton Counseling & Leadership Psychology is your trusted information source on Personal Empowerment Psychology, personal improvement, and high performance. We’ll assist you in shaping a state of mind that has actual value to you, a state of mind worth cultivating.

Lead not follow. View our position on “Emotional Intelligence.” Our professional opinion on “Leadership.” Our thoughts on “Performance Coaching.” Discover which ones work best for you. Elevate your skillset. Don’t get stuck at “good enough.”

“Experts in leadership development understand how important it is that our organizational leaders see the world clearly, so currently they counsel paradigm vigilance (that is, questioning our basic assumptions about how we see the world).” Carol S. Pearson, PhD

Richard Anton
The Psychology of Leadership

Richard Anton designs virtual experiences for high-performance coaching, leadership coaching, emotional intelligence, and an advanced anger management program. He demonstrates special effort to highlight your authentic strengths, using highly validated and reliable psychological assessments. You’ll be able to apply your assessment results to shape a stronger, more capable you.

Practice the recommended suggestions from your leadership coaching and integrate your new skills into your daily activities. If you want to improve, something has to change. Focus on your personal and professional development and enjoy your results. Make your first appointment with Anton Psychology.

“Research suggests the use and appropriate management of emotions is a key part of effective leadership.” Gooty et al 2010

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