This is Your Moment

Decompress right now. You’ll feel better instantly. Start feeling self-confident again right now. Try sitting quietly and turning off all stimuli. Nothing visual or auditory. Just close your eyes and turn off the entire world for a moment. – Richard Anton

Isn’t a moment of your time worth it to regain your “best self?” – Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed.

Realize How Truly Capable and Unique You Are

Have you ever read anything by Dr. Joe Dispenza? “The only way we can change our lives is to change our energy – to change the electromagnetic field we are constantly broadcasting. In other words, to change our state of being, we have to change how we think and how we feel.” I also have a few ideas of my own I might be able to share with you. – Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

Richard Anton, richard anton performance coaching

High Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is quickly becoming my newest passion. Meaning? Focus on anything and everything you can do – that’s legal and ethical – to enhance, boost, or get yourself on a roll. I write and read daily. Run and meditate. Plus, I utilize the most advanced strategies and techniques in the field of psychology in order to spice up my cognitive set of thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. – Richard Anton, Calgary.

Explore your concerns – Discover New & Creative Solutions

I linger as long as possible amongst emotionally inspirational experiences. Finally, I focus on my effort, not results. I build up momentum through daily exercise and control of my food consumption, to the best of my ability. Perhaps I can support your efforts?

richard anton performance coaching
richard anton performance coaching


If having greater self-confidence is something you think about, perhaps “leadership coaching” might help. Your current focus may be what is maintaining your current undesirable situation. Unstick your situation by turning toward the unknown “potential.” Consider an appointment to discuss precisely how.

Relationship Coaching Just for You

You may be searching for “relationship coaching.” Would you like to learn how to give your spouse what she says she needs? Improve your self-talk and practice a few new leadership/relationship skills. You’ll do great!

Even if you’re not discussing it, perhaps “divorce” is in your mind. But that’s not the outcome you’re seeking. Book an appointment for yourself.

Leadership, richard anton performance coaching

Stress and Anger Regulation

There are many ways to describe what you might be going through, but knowing how to maintain your composure in challenging situations can require more skill than you realize. It’s going to take practice, not only awareness.

I Believe in You

Like in hockey, golf, or any performance situation, getting good at something requires practicing. You know this. But what precisely do you need to practice? Keep your relationship intact by learning the language of love & emotion.  Consider “relationship coaching.”

Let’s start on the right track. Even though I have over 20 years of experience, I do not know precisely what you are going to do that will ultimately fulfill your needs. Therapy is a dynamic process. Sessions’ content will change, evolve, and reflect your concerns. Your actions and subsequent challenges will also evolve. Solutions are “co-created” between us, but your skill level is on you and your ability to practice or follow-through.

Experience Counts

My professional journey has provided me with insight I have gleaned from decades of experience working with bright people who have struggled with natural situations. Therapy is a creative process, not a repeatable recipe, but an exploration to discover your inner strengths or personal best, and most importantly, an introduction to a discipline. Attitude and follow through can be a powerful part of your personal power.

In addition to talk therapy, I have access to many marvelous assessments that might unearth your strengths, helping you on your  journey. We can explore responsible leadership, high performance, emotional intelligence, even anger management. I will bring my considerable experience and wisdom as it were to bear on you and your circumstances. Jump right into coaching or begin with a individual session. The choice is up to you. – Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed.

Feeling Vulnerable?

I fully appreciate what it’s like to feel emotionally vulnerable with another person. I’ve been there myself. Don’t be surprised to learn that my priority is treating you with the compassion and respect you deserve. Consider working with someone with experience on both sides of the therapeutic process who can assist you to self-improve.

richard anton anger management

Being compassionate and connecting with others is critical to our lives, both personally and professionally. Demonstrating empathy in the workplace — a crucial part of emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness — also improves human interactions in general and can lead to more effective communication and positive outcomes in both work and home settings. – Centre for Creative Leadership

Richard W. Anton, Psychologist, M.A., B.A., DipEd


Leadership is an Art Form

As a leader, you’ve been developing a specific style right from the beginning of your career. This happens to everyone. Make certain that your style is unfolding in the right way.

Holding a leadership position, without knowing how to lead might cause anyone to beg, borrow, and steal – even stoop to using aggression, manipulation, and intimidation – to make others bend to their will. On the top end of the same spectrum are those who have been schooled in leadership and can easily “be idealized as  uplifting individuals in whose embracing presence we feel assured and whose courage we borrow for our own.”Cooper & Randall – Get a pacesetter on your team.

The most challenging thing about making a change – & developing better leadership skills is about making change – can be initiating the first step. It feels risky. If you can focus just for a moment, not on your problems, concerns, or challenges, not on the last few months or the following year, but narrow your awareness for a moment, you will begin to change, quite spontaneously.

At this very moment, with your vision of your future in hand, and this will only take a moment – if generating better leadership skills is meaningful to you – you may begin to align your most effective leadership skills with your values. Think of this as your one, two-punch of leadership. Or, call the office at 403.263.5543 to arrange an appointment. Or click here.

Compassionate Leaders

How easy do you find sharing and discussing your emotions and mental health as a leader? Perhaps you need practice? Journal your issues or talk about them in detail with a professional, then you’ll find it easier to share with others.- Richard Anton, psychologist

richard anton psychologist

If it’s helpful, look at a few free resources I’ve placed on-site for you. Try on a few of these – if you’d like – before you book an appointment. But if you need a few fresh ideas or a concerned professional to bounce your ideas off, I’m available to see you virtually or in person at Calgary Place on 5th Avenue.

Corporate Leadership

Innovative companies know that long-term success requires a pipeline of visionary leaders who can help build and secure a competitive edge. “But what makes a great leader?” First, you’re going to have to get good at building and managing relationships in a highly bureaucratic environment. “How can I develop my vision?” Leadership Coaching prepares emerging leaders to become more effective influencers who can contribute to corporate success by being clear on their own vision. “Leadership Coaching helps leaders to create an environment or atmosphere that others enjoy and produce in – a workplace where they feel respected.”

Highly Personalized Coaching

This highly personalized coaching program features four in-person or virtual, self-paced modules. Each one will focus on accelerating your professional relationships and your career simultaneously. Infuse your team and your organization with more confidence and empathic capability. Equip yourself to take on new challenges. – Richard Anton, Calgary.

leadership, richard anton performance coaching

Leadership skills training or leadership counseling. The choice is yours.

Leadership skills training focuses on the soft skills a great leader depends on to understand others. Create and maintain relationship bonds. Communicate and forge meaningful direction in life. Perhaps most importantly, become what thousands of employees say that they admire and respect in their leaders. Utilize great soft skills to manage your reputation and create Executive Presence.Richard Anton, psychologist, leadership coach.

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