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Discuss, analyze, and resolve your challenges within a leadership framework.
Richard W. Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

Relationship Coaching Just for You

You may be searching for “relationship coaching.” Would you like to learn how to give your spouse what she says she needs? Improve your self-talk and practice a few new leadership skills. You’ll do great!


Like in hockey, golf, or any performance situation, getting good at something requires practicing. You know this. But what precisely do you need to practice? Keep your relationship intact by learning the language of love & emotion.  Consider “relationship coaching.”


Let’s start on the right track. Even though I have over 20 years of experience, I do not know precisely what you are going to do that will ultimately fulfill your needs. Therapy is a dynamic process. Sessions’ content will change, evolve, and reflect your concerns. Your actions and subsequent challenges will also evolve. Solutions are “co-created” between us, but your skill level is on you and your practice or follow-through.



Experience Counts


Of course, I have significant education and experience, but that helps me further along in my journey. My journey also provides the insight I have gleaned from many years of experience working with others who have similarly struggled. Now it’s your turn.

I have access to many marvelous assessments that will unearth your strengths, helping you on your  journey. We can explore responsible leadership, high performance, emotional intelligence, even anger management. I will bring my considerable wisdom as it were to bear on you and your circumstances. Richard W. Anton


Feeling Vulnerable?

I fully appreciate what it’s like to feel emotionally vulnerable with another person. I’ve been there myself. Don’t be surprised to learn that my priority is treating you with the compassion and respect you deserve. Consider working with someone with experience on both sides of the therapeutic process who can assist you to self-improve.

richard anton anger management

Being compassionate and connecting with others is critical to our lives, both personally and professionally. Demonstrating empathy in the workplace — a crucial part of emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness — also improves human interactions in general and can lead to more effective communication and positive outcomes in both work and home settings. – Centre for Creative Leadership

Richard W. Anton, Psychologist, M.A., B.A., DipEd



Leadership Starts with You

Some leaders beg, borrow, and steal – even stoop to using aggression, intimidation, and threats – to make others bend to their will. On the far end of the same spectrum are leaders who can easily ” be idealized, uplifting individuals in whose embracing presence we feel assured and whose courage we borrow for our own.” – Cooper & Randall

The most challenging thing about making a change – & developing better leadership skills is about making change – can be taking the first step. If you can focus just for a moment, not on your problems, concerns, or challenges, not on the last few months or the following year, but narrow your awareness for a moment, you will begin to change.

At this very moment, with your vision of your future in hand, and this will only take a moment – if generating better leadership skills is meaningful to you – you may begin to align your most effective leadership skills with your values. Think of this as your one, two-punch of leadership. Call the office at 403.263.5543 to arrange an appointment. Or click here.



Anton Leadership Calgary

Suppose your emotional needs mean you’re searching for a psychological clinic to bill your insurance company directly. In that case, I can accommodate you, but a credit card on file continues to be a requirement to create an appointment. Once you’re at your appointment, I can do a “predetermination” and bill your insurance company directly. – Richard Anton Therapy


Without guidance, you can waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge from various sources. The right mentors know where to focus your attention and how to challenge you. Choose the mentor who best fits your needs and connects to your Life’s Task. – Robert Greene

richard anton anger management

If you’re wondering whether the artful use of leadership skills would help avert anticipated interpersonal issues, I believe they do just that. Will they help a person out of a difficult situation? Again, I firmly believe it to be the case. I will say that acquiring leadership skills and strategy, then practicing them until you become artful, will also improve the quality and success of your future, mainly concerning personal and professional relationships.


Essential Soft Skills

Technical disciplines avoid dealing with soft skills, not because they believe them unimportant or irrelevant, but aren’t necessary for generating the types of solutions, they aim to create.

Leadership Coaching is often an extensive process, taking a year or longer to complete a basic level of coaching. When you commit to a year or more of coaching, the timing can be a significant consideration. Initiating your coaching at the beginning of the year may make sense because it’s a natural place in the calendar to begin new projects. You’re likely beginning other projects at the same time.


Compassionate Leaders

How easy do you find sharing and discussing your emotions and mental health as a leader? Perhaps you need practice? Journal your issues or talk about them in detail with a professional, then you’ll find it easier to share with others.- Richard Anton, psychologist

richard anton psychologist

If it’s helpful, look at a few free resources I’ve placed on-site for you. Try on a few of these – if you’d like – before you book an appointment. But if you need a few fresh ideas or a concerned professional to bounce your ideas off, I’m available to see you virtually or in person at Calgary Place on 5th Avenue.

richard anton psychologist


Make the transformation

Are you struggling with transitioning your success as an athlete into success in your career? There are ways for you to experience a successful transformation.

It’s not about wearing your golf shoes to work or yelling, “four!” down the corridor. And if your golf game improves in the process of leadership coaching, don’t be surprised, either. As in any sport, the way to improve is through informed practice. Improve your weak areas and rely on your vital areas. But you’ve got to know without a doubt which is which. Plus, practice makes it permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect. This is to say feedback is invaluable.

Secure Feedback – It’s Invaluable

This means you’ll need to know precisely what to practice to improve your success at work. Do you have people who’ll tell you? Can you trust their feedback? Ask them what they think you should do more often or more consistently. What might you do less of or eliminate? You only know what you think, but leadership is about what others think.

Unbiased Feedback

Suppose you think accessing a coach or psychologist is safer or more intelligent than relying on your family and colleagues’ feedback. You may also benefit from working with someone who wants you to succeed, confidential feedback sessions, and objective 360-degree assessments.

Leadership Defined

“What is leadership?” We’ll all be further ahead by inquiring about how to enhance leadership quality. Anton Counseling & Health Psychology is dedicated to advancing the art of leadership. Start by reviewing the following free resources if you’re thinking about beefing up or enhancing your natural leadership abilities. The resources cover everything from controlling anger and dealing with grief to building up your “executive presence.”

If you desire a more accurate sense of self, especially your strengths and abilities as a leader, utilize proven and widely used instruments to explore blind spots and recurring problems that you may be missing or altogether avoiding.


What is leadership?

Usually, someone has acquired financial success (but their acquisition could be power & position), and we want to know what they did to get it. We believe that “position” should be deferred to. Subsequently, we treat them with a degree of respect and deference. We allow them to make the first interpersonal move, feel in charge, and follow their lead. Our “desires” and our beliefs about their position create cooperation.

richard anton anger management

In the situation above, our beliefs and a desire to glean information and knowledge or even curry favor from them create the opportunity for them to influence and lead us. At this moment, they become a leader, someone with influence, at least with us.

However, the premise of this type of leadership is based upon our “lack” of power, finances, and desire to remedy our situation. But what happens when we do not lack power and financial resources, and our values and priorities focus on “quality of life” and “emotional satisfaction?”

A leader is someone who influences us and changes when we change.

Leaders must have happiness and career satisfaction when we desire happiness; otherwise, they cannot lead or show us the way. And when we’re searching for a “culture of creativity and cooperation” for ourselves, we expect them to create a “culture of creativity and cooperation.” Otherwise, they would have little influence over us again. They’d have little more than money and security to offer, and when these are no longer our primary motivators, well. We require a leader of higher value.


When we – as leaders – finally realize that we are somehow “out of alignment” and that our ability to influence others is waning, we can be far from making “ideal decisions” and taking well-thought-out action. If you’re feeling stressed out, feel free to reach out. I’m here for you. Richard Anton, psychologist, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

Corporate Leadership

Innovative companies know that long-term success requires a pipeline of visionary leaders who can help build and secure a competitive edge. “But what makes a great leader?” “How can I develop my vision?” Leadership Coaching prepares emerging leaders to become more effective influencers who can contribute to corporate success on a higher level. “Leadership Coaching helps leaders to create an environment or atmosphere that others enjoy, and a workplace where they feel respected.”

This highly personalized coaching program features four in-person and virtual, self-paced modules that focus on accelerating your professional relationships and your career simultaneously. You will infuse your organization with more confidence and empathic capability and be equipped to take on new challenges.

Leadership skills training or leadership counseling. The choice is yours. Leadership skills training focuses on the soft skills a great leader depends on to understand others, create and maintain relationship bonds, communicate and forge meaningful direction in life, and perhaps most importantly, what thousands of employees say that they admire and respect in their leaders – Richard Anton, psychologist, leadership coach.

Leadership counseling is more straightforward but even more complex. Counseling for leaders is highly personalized, gets at underlying concerns and troubling dynamics, and relieves the mounting pressures of professional life.

We are now offering In-person & Evening appointments.

Leadership Psychology will address your concerns. Please don’t let yourself feel bad if you are struggling with making a decision and sticking with it or feeling like you’re not the leader you could be. We can’t know what we don’t know, but once you do, you must be responsible for what you know.

Procrastination doesn’t reflect that you aren’t a good person. Those among us whose daily mantra is something like “I do whatever I can get away with” are not the same as those who struggle, putting their best efforts forward to “lead by example” and “do what’s right.”

Consider a few questions to update your leadership:

  1. Consider a time when you effectively demonstrated successful leadership.
  2. Which are your favorite supporting skills? Why are they so valuable?
  3. What are your favorite skills for handling disagreement?

Sometimes a self-improvement project will help you get back on your “A” game. I can assist you. I’ll use only the best, one or more psychological assessments that remind you of your BEST strengths. Then you can deliberately utilize them daily, multiple times, and in various combinations and sequences for different situations. These ideas might put you right back where you want to be.

Psychology and leadership

“Honestly, leadership is about continuously self-improving, digging deep, learning from every experience, and creatively bringing our best to every situation, we find ourselves in. Be optimistic and bring your best frame of mind, those thoughts and emotions most closely associated with the superior performances of your past. Of course, the skills are most obviously associated with the desired success or outcome.” Richard Anton, psychologist, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

You’re already considered to be at the top of your game. Therefore, you’ve got to find ingenious ways of “building on what you’re doing” [Tiger Woods] to stay where you’re. I always share the importance of psychological “scenario-building with my clients.”

You don’t need to explain why you want leadership coaching – but you’re not alone in wanting to acquire better-coping strategies for dealing with a complex work environment. Controlling your emotional reactions, moods, and anxieties will likely be essential for expanding your process.

Want to feel in control again?

Worrying about what happened or how you got to this place may be less valuable than taking positive action. Worry less? People’s issues are just as important today as they’ve always been, maybe more so. So what’s changed? Perhaps there are more of us competing on this level, or people are more aware today than in previous generations. Become unbeatable. “Become the leader; the person you both admire and desire to become.” – Richard Anton, psychologist, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed.

When we cannot live in alignment with our true selves, we must spend energy attempting to deny and distort our experiences to make sense of a pervasive lack of happiness and personal fulfillment. This ongoing effort can go so far as to produce psychological states and conditions such as depression (Waterman et al., 2010).

Why is self-discovery so important?

Without a deep level of self-knowledge, we are at risk of being seen by those we lead as superficially applying techniques or acting in a way that we’ve witnessed in someone else, such as an aggressive older male in our lives, without thinking through the impact we have on those we need to influence and lead.

Our most important goal should not be to pursue externally derived symbols, like material wealth, but rather to develop a more realistic understanding of our strengths and limitations. We can avoid negative psychological states and self-actualize, feel contentment, and make better contributions to the world.

I would never ask anyone to change who they were at their core. I will take the opportunity to encourage you to explore and discover deeply hidden treasures. But the prize is never found, just lying around. It has to be studied carefully, sought out, and recovered carefully. This process takes time and patience. The time and patience that most people do not have or are not ready and willing to invest – Richard Anton, psychologist, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

“Great men and women know themselves. They know their strengths, weaknesses, faults and failings, flaws and defects, talents and abilities, needs and desires, hopes and dreams, potential and purpose. They weave a life of beauty and splendor from these pieces of knowledge. “Know yourself” is a character principle of legends, heroes, champions, leaders, and saints.” – Matthew Kelly.

Book a Virtual Session

Richard W. Anton, Psychologist, M.A., B.A., DipEd

#1 Motivator Causing People to Get Coaching

Before you do something difficult or impossible to come back from, make a confidential virtual appointment for yourself. When you sense the organization is reshuffling, it might be prudent to feel concerned. When you’re relatively new in your role, it’s reasonable to take action to expand your skillset’s depth and breadth.

Solve issues or develop who you are; one way lasts a lifetime.

You’ll begin your coaching program by talking about and clarifying your dreams, goals, and vision. Next, we’ll formally assess your strengths using a valid and reliable assessment. Each one of your coaching sessions provides you with a structure or process customized to you and your specific set of strengths and weaknesses. Secure your first online session by clicking here.

richard anton psychologist

We’ll discuss the critical issues relevant to your unique circumstances during each appointment. These discussions will assist you in enhancing your most relevant skillset. Fundamental discussions involve questions such as how to motivate others, what makes a leader influential, what executive presence is, and how to get it. But together, we’ll ensure you bolster the appropriate skillsets you utilize to make these happen.

Expect that you will improve your leadership through leadership coaching and, as a result, make better decisions and improve your impact. Every CEO prepares their organization to become – what they believe is – its best. You’ll have various opportunities to prepare yourself to become your best – the legend you are meant to evolve throughout your career. Let this time be one of those opportunities. I’m ready for you or your entire team.

Leadership research and theory have long emphasized the importance of so-called soft skills for leader effectiveness. Cherniss & Boyatzia

richard anton psychologist            Leadership-Psychology

Do you want to become a better employee or a person at your best? You already know the value professional development can have for you. Professional development helps you identify and close knowledge gaps in your role, but ask yourself what the value will be for your team, family, and organization if you develop yourself. Consider what may or may not happen and the costs related to non-action.

Your Authentic Leadership Style

Consider the value for yourself and all concerned. What is it that you want – ultimately – for yourself? Access Richard Anton to develop who you are and grow your leadership talents. Hone your leadership and bolster your value to those you touch.

richard anton psychologist

Discover your authentic leadership style with leadership psychology. Start implementing your best, improve your communication, and build better relationships, likability, trust, and credibility. Enhance your team style, conflict style, approach to change, decision-making skills, and ability to influence. These are the skills that make things happen. For that matter, you can make things happen in your personal life, too. Access Richard Anton, psychologist, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

“Quality of life is built by service, not by product. Quality of life improves by improving our ability with our existing skills more than by learning new ones. Service your life regularly.” – Richard W. Anton.

Your Natural Talents

Richard Anton

Great leaders do not use techniques. Influential leaders never rely on intimidation, manipulation, or aggression. Leave those dust-gathering, outdated means alone. Anton Counseling & Leadership Psychology will share a program that will delve deep into this area, showing you your natural talents. Talents that make sense. Skills you can count on.

Soft skills, like leadership skills, have to implement well. Anton Counseling & Leadership Psychology is your trusted information source on Personal Empowerment Psychology, personal improvement, and high performance. We’ll assist you in shaping a state of mind that has actual value to you and is worth cultivating.

Leadership Psychology

Lead, not follow. View our position on “Emotional Intelligence.” Our professional opinion on “Leadership.” Our thoughts on “Performance Coaching.” Discover which ones work best for you. Elevate your skillset. Don’t get stuck at “good enough.”

“Experts in leadership development understand how important it is that our organizational leaders see the world clearly, so currently they counsel paradigm vigilance (that is, questioning our basic assumptions about how we see the world).” Carol S. Pearson, PhD

leadership psychology

The Psychology of Leadership

Richard Anton designs virtual experiences for high-performance coaching, leadership coaching, emotional intelligence, and an advanced anger management program. He demonstrates a special effort to highlight your authentic strengths, using highly validated and reliable psychological assessments. You can apply your assessment results to shape a stronger, more capable you.

Practice the recommended suggestions from your leadership coaching and integrate your new skills into your daily activities. If you want to improve, something has to change. Focus on your personal and professional development and enjoy your results. Make your first appointment with Anton Psychology.

“Research suggests the use and appropriate management of emotions is a key part of effective leadership.” Gooty et al 2010

leadership psychology     leadership psychology

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