Psychological Coaching Protocols

“Successful people value and pursue ongoing development. They believe in themselves and understand that success depends on keeping their skill sets fresh.” . . . “They ask for feedback and input to confirm their perceptions and plans. By continuously investing in yourself, you affirm your own value and build greater self-regard.” – Judy Aanstad, PhD, Pamela Corbett, MA, Catherine Jourdan, MAEd, Roger Pearman, EdD.

The role of an executive coach is similar to that of a psychologist. As an executive coach, I provide listening, support, and encouragement, as I do as a psychologist. Yet as a coach, I also assess and explicitly focus your attention onto your strengths – the attributes that give you the “presence” and “charisma” to be an influential leader.

Leadership is Practical

A series of psychological assessments effectively assist you in exploring and developing a new refined leadership style, gentler perhaps, but more vigorous or intense at the same time. Be seen as kinder, but not a push-over or someone to be taken advantage of, more empathic and understanding plus with a stronger vision. Build your leadership reputation as a wiser leader.

Leadership is an Art Form

Everyone develops a “leadership style” and with each passing year, it becomes more entrenched. With the support of your executive coach, you’ll explore your style, blending facts and logic with intuition and emotion. You will become more keenly aware and in control of your weaknesses, allowing your strengths to vibrate and present themselves with passion. We call this cultivating “executive presence.” In essence, you’ll improve and develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and strategy to lead effectively. You’ll be refining your “leadership style.”

6 Advanced Coaching Protocols to Improve Your Impact

Each model or protocol begins with exploration to develop an acute awareness and articulation of your current situation. Whether you fully realize it or not, how you conceptualize yourself, your style and situation, plus how you feel about it directly influences your outcome. I’ll refer to this as the foundation of leadership and self-care. We’ll aim to refine and improve your described state as a team of two.

Having identified your current and desired state, you will be given access to multiple valid and reliable assessments that can highlight your strengths and assist you in stretching yourself. Newly recognized strengths, skills, and strategies generate a new awareness that redefines the context in which you live and work. You’ll now have the opportunity to practice in real-world situations and to “internalize” your sense of how it feels to function at a high level.

The more you practice these potently practical skills, the more comfortable and skillful you will become in utilizing them. The choice is yours to make. Sign up for a complete program, combine two or more, or take one level at a time.

1. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is often defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions. People with high emotional intelligence recognize their own emotions and those of others, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately and adjust emotions to adapt to environments.

A brilliant brain and a high IQ are useless if we do not understand empathy. If we don’t know how to read our own emotions (and other people’s emotions), if we are strangers to our hearts and lack social awareness, that allows us to connect, manage fear, and be assertive. Whether we like it or not, emotional intelligence is the key to happiness. Daniel Goleman

Secure access to your executive coach & develop your Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching – 1 assessment & 6 sessions = Total program.

Cost: $1650 (Approximately one-two month commitment).

$1650 (1-2 month timeline).

2. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is experiencing genuinely positive feelings about yourself while accepting your faults and foibles. A definition of self-confidence is acting assertively because you believe in your inherent worth. Self-confidence means you love your whole self even when you don’t like things about yourself.

Augment a fuller awareness of your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings in level 1 by discovering:

    • your powerful underlying tendencies,

    • what’s most meaningful to you, and

    • where your confidence is generated.

Take advantage of newly recognized skills that assist you in staying true to your natural strengths. Persevere in the face of impossible odds and learn to trust yourself, make confident decisions, and play to your strengths in level 2;

Generate new knowledge of what you genuinely value in life and admire about yourself. Set a new direction, breathe life into your vision for yourself and others in level 3; and

Organize true wisdom regarding the essential elements of self-confidence in level 4; the complete program consists of (24 sessions + 4 assessments) spread out over approximately one year.

Secure access to your executive coach & develop your Self-Confidence.

Costs: $5750; or $1650/level (6 sessions + 1 assessment); (approximate 1-year timeline OR 365 consecutive days).

3. Anger Advantage

What are the specifics of anger? Self-control comes from knowledge of the details. Your awareness is increased through our Anger Assessment. This is the first step in getting to know Your Strengths & Weaknesses in level 1.

Take confidence in your strengths and reframe or replace weak behavioral responses with newly recognized strengths we’ll assess in level 2; complete the program (12 sessions + 2 assessments).

Secure access to your executive coach & develop your Anger Advantage.

Costs: $3000; or $1650/level (6 sessions + 1 assessment); (6-month timeline).

4. High Performance

After becoming comfortable and discussing your goals or vision for coaching, I will assess your competitive advantage. We will discuss the concept of “flow” and “peak performance. This is level 1, consisting of your first six sessions.

After discussing this sports psychology approach to performance, we will focus on your strengths and developmental opportunities. Fine-tune, expand, and develop your strategic performance direction in level 2.

Get laser-focused by aligning your most important goals, dreams, and objectives with the implementation of newly assessed stealthy soft skills in level 3, plus “Power Plays.”

Part of your competitive advantage is developing a game plan for yourself. Be several steps ahead of your competition with your Competitive Advantage. 

Complete the program (18 sessions + 3 assessments).

Secure access to your executive coach & develop a higher level of Performance.

Costs: $4650 or $1650/level (6 sessions – 1 assessment); (9-month timeline).

5. Leadership Legends

Enlightened Leaders – When leaders exhibit a distinct set of characteristics, employees are more likely to find their work fulfilling, intrinsically enjoyable, and important, and they report higher levels of organizational commitment, purpose, and creativity. – Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Kaufman, enlightened leaders / transformational leaders / empowering leaders exhibit the following characteristics:

Enlightened leaders

    • lead by example. They set high standards for performance, work as hard as anyone else in the organization, and articulate clearly, with genuine enthusiasm, a compelling purpose or vision of the future for the organization.

    • are good at informing employees. They make explicit links between the tasks of the job and the broader purpose and vision of the organization, make clear their expectations, and give honest and fair answers in response to their employees’ concerns.

    • trust employees, explicitly stating their confidence and belief that the employees will meet their high expectations.

    • engage in participative decision-making, downplaying power hierarchies, encouraging and giving all employees an opportunity to voice opinions, and using feedback to make decisions in the workplace.

    • are good at coaching employees, providing help when necessary, teaching employees how to solve problems on their own, telling employees when they are performing well, helping them stay on task, and sometimes seeing greater possibilities for them than they may even see in themselves.

    • show that they care about their employees, finding the time to chat with individual employees and get their feedback, figuring out ways of increasing well-being and meaning in the workplace, and assigning tasks that are challenging and will continually help their employees grow, develop, and feel a sense of authentic pride.


6. Professional Access

A unique coaching program for one full year!

An unlimited number of 1-hour sessions. Receive a hand-picked selection of my strengths-focused assessments. Receive a dashboard of your strengths and vulnerabilities. Read about personality insight and your values. They’ll assist you in focusing on your strategic direction for your future. Your leadership assessment and competitive analysis will be how you create your campaign strategy. Sessions will begin gently enough. Your year will culminate with intensity.

Although you can talk about anything with a Psychologist, we all have preferences. My preference is for coaching. I utilize only highly validated and reliable psychological assessments. I have taken all assessments myself and love or don’t use them. – Richard W. Anton

Secure access to your executive coach for a year and all of the above assets.

Cost: $9000; or $3000/quarter (1-year timeline OR 365 consecutive days).



Self-improvement efforts result in a stronger, more capable you!

“All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them.” “The way to start is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

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