Performance Coach

The Paradox

This is a little tricky to articulate; however, I believe it is good advice. Wherever you are in your profession, remember not to overdo it, not to push too hard or for too long, which always increases stress. And unless you live a life of leisure, you likely already have enough pressure. Just because you’re putting in 12-16 hour days does not equate to high performance. That’s essential to remember.

The high-performance game isn’t about “who can tolerate the most stress” but efficiently achieving the highest quality output. High performance comes from being on a high-performance team. Need a few FREE resources?

Studies show that increases in stress beyond a certain point reduce performance. Naturally, too little stress leads to the same outcome. One of the keys to achieving high performance is searching out and maintaining a level of physical and emotional arousal that is right for you. The “right amount” of stimulation so that you’re working in an ideal environment has just the right amount of stress and the perfect amount of challenge to equal your skill level. And I hope you’re doing work you enjoy. If you are, you’re likely experiencing “the zone” on a regular basis.

“Never put limits or boundaries on yourself. When you do, that’s what you’re confined to.” “Run your race! Don’t worry about anyone else.” Tiger Woods

The Rules of the Game Have Changed

Always bring your best. Please don’t wait for life to come to you; high-performers have a vision and know how to execute a plan. High-performance coaching is not restricted to “star talent” alone but also encompasses helping all people reach their full potential.

Successfully reduce your stress load in any area of life. Be more effective in your roles, enjoy what you’re doing with a more profound sense of satisfaction, and perform at your absolute best.

Create a “Performance Plan” that will work for you, and get more boxes checked off! A coach can assist you in monitoring your progress and ensure you measure the right things. What are your “key challenges?” Together, we can shed some light on how to subvert difficult circumstances and give you a view beyond the road you’re currently driving.

Power Moves

High-performance coaching is a valuable asset. Anton Counseling & Health Psychology will help you create personal “power moves.” Align your newly identified strengths from three individual psychological assessments into a new signature move.

Call it your “face of  leadership,” or think of it as your best possible “reputation.” Either way, we could easily spend an entire year targeting your strengths so that you could be more intentional with their utilization. For our purposes, we’ll look at your most potent powers.

Power Your Future


We routinely aim our efforts toward the quality of the future we desire. As such, I will encourage you to consider the underlying meaning of that quality. You have strengths and preferences, so choose wisely. Read more about High-Performance Coaching. Carefully consider Leadership Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, and other coaching protocols we offer. Finally, get additional insight into your psychologist, Richard W. Anton.


Performance Coach

A central concept for becoming a champion is to battle against your best or gold self.” Jim Afremow

We’ve been providing our present clients with Zoom sessions and Coaching by Phone throughout the COVID pandemic with great success. These sessions are both convenient & confidential. Try something new & explore one for yourself.

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We are prepared to meet at the newly renovated Ampersand on 4th Avenue downtown if you’d prefer an in-person session. We provide in-person sessions, virtual sessions, and evening appointments as well.


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