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We specialize in the following services:

Leadership & Career Coaching, Self-Confidence & High-Performance, Anger Advantage, Emotional Intelligence, & Couples Coaching. You can read about each one below, then simply select the service you’re looking for (fees often covered through work training, education & development budget).

Self-Confidence $2600 (12 sessions + 2 assessments);

High-Performance $3600 (18 sessions + 3 assessments);

Emotional Intelligence $1400 (includes 6 sessions + assessment);  

Anger Advantage Assessments $2600 (12 sessions + 2 assessments);

Couple Advantages Assessments $2000 (6 sessions + 2 assessments);

Leadership Legends $4400 (24 sessions + 4 assessments);

Unlimited Access $7200 (1 year time line OR 365 consecutive days).


Increase your self-awareness

Consult your tax accountant: Executive Coaching may be tax deductible for self-employed & consultants.


* Advantage I provides results of one quick EQ assessment + 6 sessions;

* Advantage II highlights anger advantage + 12 sessions;

* High-Performance Coaching highlights 3 assessments + 18 sessions;

* Couple Advantages (see below) highlights couple’s strengths + 6 sessions;

* Self-Confidence Coaching highlights your self-confidence + 12 sessions;

* Advantage III (see below) highlights leadership legends + 24 sessions;

* Unlimited Access (see below) highlights 1 year / 365 consecutive days. 

“An important part of the knowledge you need to develop as a leader, is self-knowledge. Daniel Goleman considers it an essential part of emotional intelligence. You are unlikely to develop an authentic leadership voice if one of your blind spots is you.” Terry R. Bacon author of Elements of Power

“To become a leader then, you must become yourself, become the maker of your own life. But until you come to truly know yourself, strengths and weaknesses, know what you want to do and why you want to do it, you cannot succeed in any but the most superficial sense of the word.” Warren Bennis 

“These assessments, combined with sessions, have utility value in assisting us and our lives, both personally & professionally. In practical terms, things need to get done in life, yet how we do them & how we think about them is an act of imagination.”

Advantage I

Gain a greater sense of self. Your Emotional Intelligence assessment will focus your efforts productively. Get the assessment ASAP. Start implementing your results immediately! You’ll get 6 sessions to help you integrate the results into your day-to-day activities. Review your strengths and focus your mindset prior to any important meeting or events professional or personal. Visualize and put yourself into a focused state of strength – your flow zone! Receive associated support material in the form of your own EQ Dashboard: reminders of your strengths and vulnerabilities.

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 Advantage II

Eliminate potential errors related to anger-infected actions by prioritizing your focus onto your under-utilized strengths. A primary focus will be to replace old anger-infected habits with a new enhanced awareness & practicing your newly recognized strengths. Your newly enhanced skill-set will lead you toward optimal experiences, compassionate communication, and excellent relationships.

Two psychological assessments (anger assessment plus 1 strengths-focused assessment) will assist you to understand the details of both your strengths and weaknesses – Your Anger Advantage. Your Executive coach will encourage you to replace your anger and to practice your strengths. You’ll recognize your new skills as a badge of honor.

12 one-to-one Anger Advantage Coaching sessions (weekly sessions depending on your schedule) integrate the results of your assessments into ongoing discussions. Review your strengths and focus your mind-set prior to any important meeting or event, professional or personal. Visualize and put yourself into a focused state of strength – your flow zone! Receive periodic associated support material in the form of your own Strengths Dashboard.

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Coaching to enhance your performance focuses on learning, growing and evolving, with specific connection to your desired area of interest.

As with all our coaching protocols, you will complete an online assessment that highlights your strengths. You will receive 6 sessions that will assist you to integrate these strengths into your day-to-day decisions and activities. You will follow this process 3 times with three uniquely different strengths-focused assessments.

Create your own personal “power move” by aligning strengths from each assessment into a signature move. Aim your efforts toward the quality of future that you really desire.

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Relationship Advantages

You’re strong, so is your spouse. Now make your relationship strong. Focus – on the right thing at the right time.

Timing & focus are essential to successful, harmonious interactions. “Under pressure, the first mistakes we make involve our decision-making.” Improved self-awareness, sharpening your personal decision-making style and enhancing your interpersonal patterns, will give you greater potential control over how, when and in what ways you express your strengths and when and in what ways you express your concerns.

Aligning with “Positive Psychology,” the purpose of the following 6-session relationship protocol is to target your interpersonal strengths and provide you with the opportunity to deliberately and effectively aim your efforts toward the quality of relationship that you really desire. This will be the first step in improving your ability to communicate effectively under pressure and create more adaptive patterns of interacting with one another.

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You are stronger than you realize. Now make your feelings secure. Focus – on the right thing at the right time. Timing & focus are essential to feeling confident in yourself. Feel in the zone, & start creating harmonious interactions with people. Improved self-care, self-awareness, sharpening your personal decision-making style and enhancing your interpersonal patterns, will give you greater potential control over how, when and in what ways you express your strengths and how confident you feel in yourself & in your future.

Have Confidence in Your Future

Self-confidence is a vital component of our own emotional happiness, to effective relationship dynamics and to achieving our personal accomplishments in life. Without it, we struggle. Life is mired. With it, days are sunnier, we rebound from difficult times faster, and learn valuable life lessons. Challenging situations can be successfully met with a tremendous personal strategy. We change. Grow and excel. In short, we experience success.

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Advantage III

Become a stronger leader in life, both personally and at work. Our flag-ship coaching program! With a primary focus on enhancing confident leadership performance, 4 strength-based assessments will assist you to understand the details of what makes you, like other great leaders, respected and influential.

Challenge yourself and raise your own performance bar by improving your awareness, self-confidence, timing and your ability to think and make essential decisions. Strengths-based assessments can be incredibly insightful and valuable to some, and an added bonus for others.  Build on your own unique strengths to gain clarity of vision, integrate new behaviors and mindsets, and renew your energy to reach greater fulfillment and sustained performance.

Improve your capabilities, understand yourself better, stay focused and strong. Your Leadership Coach will encourage you to consistently demonstrate your strengths – recognized as a badge of honor – and eliminate potential errors related to your vulnerabilities. Look at issues from multiple angles.

All sessions are reflective & interactive in nature and an opportunity to unwind. Weekly or bi-monthly sessions function as strategy sessions for you to consider your passions, values, align your actions, and consider how to further position yourself for optimal effectiveness and to ensure you’re accomplished.

Your annual leadership campaign is created and carried out! For the next 12 months or so, receive a total of24 one-to-one Leadership EnhancementCoaching sessions (one every other week or so, based on your schedule), integrating the results of 4 Strengths-focused Assessments, so you can more easily access your newly enhanced level of energy, your focused state of strength – your flow zone!Receive associated support material in the form of targets for your performance enhancement and your personalized Leadership Dashboard.

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Unlimited Access

Superior coaching program for 1 full year!

Unlimited number of 1-hour sessions. A hand picked selection of my strengths-focused assessments, dashboard of your strengths and vulnerabilities, including personality insight, values assessment to focus your strategic direction for your future, leadership assessment, competitive analysis, plus your personal campaign strategy. Sessions will begin gentley enough, although your year will culminate with intensity.

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