Performance Psychology

Your thoughts govern your future

“There will never be a better time and place than right now and right here to become a champion.” – Jim Afremow, PhD

Performance Psychology targets self-improvement efforts, which means focusing on your psychological preferences. Target what makes you competitive and on your performance, with an approach borrowed from Sports Psychology. Involve yourself, seriously, with a professional and become a champion in your own life.

Emphasize Strengths, Don’t Fix Weaknesses.

Look at your passions. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. In the end, enjoy the results of your well-deserved efforts. “Perform at your best by looking at your personally unique set of talents with a professional, and improve your confidence to a new level.”Richard W. Anton

“My body was built to lift heavy objects and throw them… I tried swimming and looked like a drowning monkey. I tried basketball and looked like a caveman…. It is far more lucrative and fun to leverage your strengths instead of attempting to fix all the chinks in your armor. The choice is between a multiplication of results using strengths or incremental improvement fixing weaknesses that will, at best, become mediocre.”Tim Ferris

Feeling confident, remember, is an emotion. It’s an exquisite emotion. It’s a requisite emotion for becoming a champion in your own life. Grow your performance acumen from casually reading about it to working with a professional on it. Get engaged with professional coaching or begin with a few individual sessions first.

“Never put limits or boundaries on yourself. When you do, that’s what you’re confined to.” – Tiger Woods

Performance Psychology

Performance Psychology

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