Technology Leadership

Improve Positioning and Create Option Value

“Adopt a short-term, tactical approach and fail to create the conditions necessary for achieving long-term objectives.” When reaching agreement seems a distant hope and nothing you can do today will guarantee success, it is useful to instead think about how you can improve positioning and create option value.” Deepack Malhotra

Strength Awareness


Learning initially requires us to acquire something new, then to improve areas where we might be weak. Professional sports teaches us that improvement requires practice, and to be the best in your area means to specialize and focus on your strengths. Once you develop a greater awareness of your personal strengths, you’ll want to leverage them to your advantage. You’re going to need to practice your strengths, a lot.

Grow Personally and Professionally

Professional Development requires us to grow and evolve personally. Cram all the self-knowledge you can find.

Your Coaching Plan

Select from a number of successful coaching plan options. We will provide you with a psychometrically sound assessment – high validity and reliability, paired with six customized and confidential sessions with each strengths-focused assessment.

Alignment of Goals


To capitalize on “exponential thinking” you can begin to align your professional goals with “what’s most significant and valuable” to you. Even your short-term decisions should be in alignment with your greater personal vision.

Strength Exploration

Discussion can lean toward a blending of newly discovered information from your assessment and your present situation.

Strength Application

Follow-up is key. I’ll check in with you at every session regarding your progress with new skill practice.

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