Potential & Possibilities

Dr. Joe Dispenza, in his book titled Becoming Supernatural, talks about how to utilize the mind to orient it toward potential possibilities, as opposed to being oriented toward everything that maintains our personal status quo.

Hope & Optimism

All psychologists write a few notes after each client session. They can then refer to those notes prior to their next session to remind themselves of what they previously talked about. Fewer psychologists write notes to prepare for their sessions. But this is essential preparation, not merely as a reminder of what has previously been discussed – but far more importantly – to model healthy and successful behavior, plus for insight into what their clients need to zero in on to “achieve what will truly make them happy” through their subsequent sessions.

Everyone needs a certain amount of hope and optimism to fuel their days. The question to ask might be “how can I bring a fresh and creative approach to each and every day?”

Writing or journaling might be one way, but whether you write, paint, or spend time with a good friend, “reflection and contemplation” will add depth, meaning, and a well-thought out direction to life.

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