Self-actualization & Roles

Roles Strategy

Strategy, as introduced in chapter # 5, can be cognitive, behavioral, emotional and also include the roles we play in life. “Our sense of self” is the glue that holds all these different aspects of ourselves together. The self is us at our core. “The state of our self fluctuates between feeling assured, alive, full of zest, energetic, ambitious, idealistic, and empathic of others to feeling limp, depressed, empty, non-empathic, and mournful.” Heinz Kohut.

A firm and consistent “hug experience” with a positive and reliable self-esteem, balance and harmonious is preferable to feelings shaky, on the verge of fragmenting or falling apart with unsteady self-esteem, listless, excessive or conflicted. – Heinz Kohut.

My roles can bolster my serlf-esteem, and self-confidence. I might feel proud of the work I’m doing. Roles can bring a relationship together or separate it.

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