Mighty Meditation

There is beauty in “stillness,” and the motionless nature of meditation. The absolute quiet serenity I can experience in a contemplative garden or on a mountain brings peace to my soul. These psychological states inspire imagination, creativity, and healing. Ultimately, you might experience a refined sense of energy and movement.

Prepare to Meditate

Once you’re adequately calm, relaxed, and focused, you’ll be ready to experience a mighty meditation. “Mighty” may mean physically strong, cognitively stimulated, emotionally confident, inspired, or a complete combination of all of these. Your thoughts and choices might reflect the very best “rock star” buffet of choices imaginable.

Potent or powerful may come to mind. Popular, sleek, creative, intriguing, mysterious, yet alluring. Insightful, wise, with penetrating foresight. Spiritually guided and protected. You are untouchable and unstoppable.

There is nothing you can’t do. Nothing you cannot succeed at, and yet you maintain a laser like focus on whatever is most meaningful to you. You are in complete control of the controllables. This is not merely a head game or a mind game. You can actually recall experiencing success in your past.

Regardless of how brief, how fleeting, or how small, you can remember the feeling of success. Bring it into this present moment. Feel it again. Allow yourself to recognize how it feels just to remember success? Refreshing? Charged up? Confident? Energized? Ready to go, and make something happen?

You can now be innovative. You can now feel passion welling up inside. I can see clearly, now. I can see myself in my future, and it is absolutely fantastic. I can see myself being successful in all the right ways, and it is causing me to feel powerful, unstoppable, yet kind and loving, all at the same time. I am holding my best and favorite values close. I am implementing my strongest most endearing qualities and skills, consistently, and my strategy is grounded, futuristic, and loving.

The pain and discomfort or even limitations we experience in any one specific area of life are often generated by a seemingly unconnected situation in life. Right now, in this moment, we are gaining insight. We are learning the value of a wholistic approach to mental health, emotional well-being and cognitive creativity. I have started to become the person I have always wanted and needed to become. Today, I can do what I’ve always wanted and needed to do. I am happy, well-adjusted, with great relationships.

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