I have developed the impression that many people operate under the false assumption that if they have to be “gentle” with themselves, something must be wrong. In fact, it is a sign or symptom of an underlying problem. Health Psychology has informed me, as I worked for a number of years in the area of pain management, that psychological treatment might be defined by loving oneself, being kind to self and others. Generally, give everything you have the good sense to think to give to yourself. Do everything you would do for a baby or a person who is weak or sick or broken. Be gentle.

I expect that someone with a chronic medical condition, would not only know a great deal about “self-care” but would also practice exceptional self-care.

Give yourself adequate “me-time,” seek out inspiration, cultivate your spirituality, kindness, love of life, gratitude, creativity, sense of humor, beauty and excellence. Although this is far from an exhaustive list, encourage yourself and others, reflect and contemplate life in a journal.

What happens to your brain when you rest it? I mean really “rest” it, not distract it by playing video games? Meditation, for instance, is a way to rest your brain. Add research on brain & meditation

Greater Degrees of Influence

Self-care for leaders might mean to not push yourself for too long. Doing so only generates greater levels of stress. As stress levels increase, performance quality decreases. Signpost at the beginning of the road to greater degrees of influence.

Style, Elegance, and Inspiration

Infuse your work and life with style, elegance, and inspiration. These will trump forceful aggression and manipulation every time. Inspiring others into action might be the creative component of leadership and high-performance. Displays of elegance are soft, gentle, full of empathy and compassion. But your style may reflect a wise demeanor, assertive, strong, and full of confidence.

You can think of style as extraverted, “assertive behavior,” and masculine in its nature.

Elegance evolved through the most feminine amongst us. It is likely introverted, may seem shy, demure, but make no mistake, elegant leadership is strategic and required for anyone who aspires to be a great leader. Pull and attraction sing out to us to listen and follow our lead. Don’t just fill a position. That’s not leadership. Really fill your position through personal development, and become a leader, a source of resource and influence, valuable to all.

Inspiration, plane and simple, evolved through the arts. It occurs spontaneously, but don’t sit around waiting for inspiration and creativity to sit you down and say “here you go.” Place yourself strategically to live and experience what you want to contribute.

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