The Head Space

My advice is to not simply try to problem solve your life, but to create a mind set that is so exciting and inspirational, that you simply can’t believe you feel this good.

Focus on My Inner World

Any and all effort I can activate to improve, enhance, and love my inner world, will bear the sweetest fruit. To begin with a broader attitude here, I believe that its less about trying to make things happen and more about accepting the gifts that sometimes seem to be coming almost effortlessly. Music speaks to me. Not all, granted. But tunes that do, tend to really excite me in some deeply felt personal way.

You’ve Got This

No matter what kind of mistake, try to maintain a winning attitude. Make the effort to not get down, but instead, focus on “controlling the controllables,” and let life come to you. Loving life on purpose and with meaning will allow you to create the success you’re looking to have.

The older I get, I focus quite naturally on “what I can control” and only notice outcomes which seem outside my purview of control. Plus I’m getting better at accepting life as it comes. – Richard Anton, M.A., B.A., Dip Ed

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