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This is a helpful book. It contains chapters on “peak performance,” “flow,” “getting on a roll,” “self-actualizing,” and “being my best.”

This journey or interest, started for me during my teenage years. The only attention I received from my dad was when I played pool with him. At first, this cherished time didn’t last very long. But as I improved my game and became more competitive for him, he became more interested in playing longer with me. So I practiced and improved in order to secure more time with him.

A great deal of “Glimpse” is dedicated to HOW or to the processes I came to learn that were involved in generating “winning outcomes.” Meditation, I found, helped me to calm my mind. As my awareness evolved about my relationship with my dad, I grew more antagonistic, resentment, and downright disdain toward him.

“Striving for excellence” has now become one of my core values. It evolved naturally as I became a young man. I also became aware of my ability to generalize and turn the habit of practicing my pool game to higher education. It blended very well with regular meditation, which helped me to sharpen my focus on a variety of other more useful skills. I became involved in running and working out, skills that strengthened my body. I became healthier and more self-confident.

I began to experience a skill of being “single-minded.” I found myself acing my college exams and landing a spot on the dean’s honor roll. I didn’t fully realize it at the time, however, becoming calm, single-minded, with a goal to excel seemed to coalesce into a new skill of becoming “highly absorbed” and “intensely focused.”

Each refined association I made turned me toward the potential to be highly effective at will.

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