Leadership Legends

“An important part of the knowledge you need to develop as a leader is self-knowledge. Daniel Goleman considers it an essential part of emotional intelligence. You are unlikely to develop an authentic leadership voice if one of your blind spots is you.” Terry R. Bacon, author of Elements of Power

Leadership Legends

Our flag-ship coaching program will focus on enhancing confident leadership performance. It does this through 4 strength-based assessments. They will assist you in understanding the details of what makes you, like other great leaders, respected and influential. This is for me.

Four Levels of Leadership Coaching

Get started with the complete program, or take one level at a time. You have four levels of Leadership coaching to choose from. Level one focuses on the results of a highly validated and reliable psychological assessment, so you learn specifically to pay attention to, not simply to try harder. In level two, we’ll prepare you with a second assessment adding new knowledge to your strengths that you can use in various situations from decision-making to communication and influence. One more strengths-focused assessment will add intelligence you’ll utilize to direct all future reactions at level three. Finally, level four will highlight your competitive strengths. You deserve to know the underlying psychology of what’s most important to you. You want that kind of increased clarity. We can assist.

Your Preferences

You have preferences, so choose wisely. Take advantage of one, two, three, or all four strongly validated and reliable psychological assessments. Improve your awareness of weak areas and focus on your strengths.

Challenge yourself and raise your performance bar. Improve your awareness, self-confidence, timing, and ability to think and make essential decisions. Strengths-based assessments can be incredibly insightful and valuable. To others, they are a bonus. Build on your own unique set of strengths. Gain clarity of vision integrates new behaviors and mindsets. Renew your energy and reach greater fulfillment and sustained performance.

Improve your capabilities, understand yourself better, stay focused and intense. Your Leadership Coach will encourage you to demonstrate your strengths consistently. Recognize them as a badge of honor. Eliminate potential errors related to your vulnerabilities. Look at issues from multiple angles.

All sessions are reflective & interactive and an opportunity to unwind. Weekly or bi-monthly sessions function as strategy sessions. You’ll be able to align your passions, values, beliefs, and actions. Consider how you might more successfully position yourself for optimal effectiveness.

Develop your annual leadership campaign

Receive a total of twenty-four 1-1 Leadership Enhancement Coaching sessions over the next 12 months. That’s approximately one session every other week, based on your availability. We’ll integrate the results of 4 Strengths-focused Assessments into your daily routines. Easily access your new states of strength – your flow zone! Receive associated support material in the form of performance targets for performance enhancement and your personalized Leadership Dashboard.

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