Coaching Contracts

6-Session Coaching Protocols

Please select one of our COACHING PROTOCOLS from the descriptive menu below. Each program provides you with unique advantages. Take one or create a unique combination for yourself.

Virtual sessions and in-person sessions are available. We also offer evening sessions. “You should expect that your coaching will blend therapeutic and education—learning, integration, and personal development that you’ll have forever.” – Richard W. Anton.

“Take the appropriate assessment.”

  1. Start strategizing by reviewing your results.
  2. Analyze your strengths and potential approach forward.
  3. Narrow your focus to make the “simplest improvements” first.
  4. Follow-up by examining the outcome of your specific improvements.
  5. Discuss eliminating any additional barriers to a preferred state.
  6. Build momentum and repeat process and application
  7. Final review

“Coaching Protocols that Illuminate Your Strengths”

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We specialize in Leadership & Career Coaching, Self-Confidence & High-Performance, Anger Advantage, Emotional Intelligence, & Relationship Coaching. Each specialization comes as a complete program, or you can choose to take one level at a time. Read about each one below.


6-Session Coaching Protocols

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