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Feeling Vulnerable?

I fully appreciate what it’s like to feel emotionally vulnerable with another person in a counseling session. I’ve been there myself. If you’re looking for an in-person session with a Calgary Psychologist for an emotional fix, consider working with someone with experience in the therapeutic process who can assist you to self-improve.

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Your virtual or in-person session will assist you in moving in some way toward the incredible life that you want and deserve. I’m here for you. We provide in-person sessions, virtual sessions, and evening sessions. Altius Psychology is now located downtown in Calgary Place on 5th Avenue S.W.

Altius Psychology is now at Calgary Place.

Are you looking for downtown Psychology? 

In-person & Virtual Sessions


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Richard Anton

MA, BA, Dip Ed Psychologist

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“Oh, what shall I do?” she thought frantically.

Now evening and in-person sessions at our newly renovated location in the Ampersand, plus we continue to offer virtual zoom sessions. “Do you feel amazing?” Are your actions leading to desired results? Zoom and telephone coaching sessions are practical and add a layer of confidentiality and convenience. Try something new; it’s the responsible choice—secure a confidential appointment for yourself. 

Counseling     In-person sessions

Not everyone realizes that “your present situation is an opportunity.” Please take full advantage of it. “Can I be more self-confident?” “Can I enhance my interpersonal skills?” Here are three different Coaching platforms to choose from. Click the link below.

Coaching Protocols that Illuminate Your Strengths

In-person sessions

The first Platform focuses your attention on the results of a highly validated and reliable psychological assessment, so you learn what to pay attention to, so you’re not simply “trying harder.” The Next Platform will prepare you with a second assessment adding new knowledge to your strengths that you can use to more precisely guide and direct the utilization of your newly realized skills. One more strengths-focused assessment will add intelligence you’ll utilize to fully understand your competitive advantage in Platform three.

Don’t you deserve to know the underlying psychology of what’s most important to you? We can assist if you want that kind of increased clarity in your life. Use us, our Emotional Intelligence coaching, our Leadership coaching, or our Performance Coaching protocols to bridge yourself from where you are now to where you want to be! Book your ZOOM session here.


Imagine a super fantastic tomorrow. Feel the bond of your team. Remember, individual coaching is about getting support & encouragement to hone your soft skills. Understand and practice your newly acquired strengths. They will make the difference you want to experience, reduce stress, increase self-confidence, enjoy better relationships, experience less conflict, and imagine a fantastic future.

Schedule your coaching online with us for professional development or any of our coaching protocols, or experiment by first trying out 2-3 individual coaching sessions.


In-Person Sessions

Downtown Psychologists

Altius Psychologists are now in Calgary Place 1 – on the 18th floor – Mondays through Fridays, but you can also book a practical & convenient Zoom session.

We’re located at 330 – 5th Avenue S.W., Suite 1800, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0J4.

Altius Psychologists

Anton Counseling & Health Psychology is a team of local Psychologists. We’re part of Calgary Psychologists International. Counseling Psychology is our broad specialization in Private Practice.

Calgary Psychologists

Our New Location

Calgary Psychologists are very professional, private, and easily accessible. If you’re working downtown, take advantage of the plus 15 walkway to reach us all winter long. You’ll access us through the James Short plus 15 walkway. Anton Counseling & Health Psychology is very happy to have you as a client. Read more about our Registered Psychologists.

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